Vedge is the 100%
Vegetable Juice

That's delicious and allows for
positive change

About Us

Vedge is a brand devoted to championing the mighty vegetable. At Vedge, we believe vegetables are brilliant. Brilliant because they naturally deliver vitamins and micronutrients in the most easily-absorbable way. Brilliant because they give you an instant, nutritious boost to help you live every day at your best. And brilliant because they taste great, without needing sweet fruits, added sugar or sweeteners.

That’s why we prepare them into fresh-tasting, deliciously drinkable vegetable juices, to save you all that shopping, peeling and chopping. (Not to mention washing up the juicer…) Leaving you free to enjoy your vitality.


8 Vegetables

Our juice contains 8 vegetables and is available in a small on the go bottle and a large family size carton.

100% Natural

It's nutritious, delicious and refreshing. It’s all natural and contains no preservatives or added sugar.

No Sugar

VEDGE juice is a true vegetable juice made with just veggies and without any hidden sugary fruits.

Where are We?


Merchant Street, London, E3 4LT